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DIY Painted Wooden Forks & Spoons

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DIY Painted Wooden Cutlery for Thanksgiving

Create a stylish way to send home Thanksgiving leftovers. With a little craft paint, tape and some wooden forks and spoons, you can dress up that to-go box.

DIY Painted Wooden Cutlery for Thanksgiving


Wooden Forks & Spoons
Craft Paint
Painters Tape
Foam Brushes
Baker's Twine
Take Out Boxes

Add painter's tape around the top of the handle. Paint the top of the handle and edges. (Dab paint around the edges instead of painting against the grain.) I used Martha Stewart Satin Craft Paint in Pollen and Mace. Once it's dry, you can turn it over and paint the back.

Use one or two coats of paint depending on how bright you want the color -- I liked mine with one coat of paint. Including drying time, it takes about an hour.

Thanksgiving To Go Boxes Assembly

After Thanksgiving dinner, pack leftovers in take out boxes, wrap with twine, add painted wooden cutlery and send them home with family and friends.

Thanksgiving leftovers to go box with painted wooden cutlery

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